My name is Derik Timmerman. I’m a former Army officer and McKinsey consultant, and I’m currently Executive Pastor of First Baptist Church of Matthews, a suburb of Charlotte, NC. I’m married to Katie and we have three school-age sons.

I’m incredibly passionate about helping Christians turn social media into sacred ministry.

That’s part of the reason why I founded Hopebox, a care package company that helps people send thoughtful care packages to encourage friends, family, and colleagues. It’s also why I write this blog on subjects pertaining to social media and ministry.

As a kid, I was consumed with the pursuit of achievement. Getting the A, winning the game, saying it just right. One of the (many) harmful side effects of living this way is developing an eye for the things around you that could be “better.”

And it worked for awhile. “Worked,” I should say, in the narrow sense that I had some neat experiences. Graduated from West Point high in my class. Served two combat deployments in Iraq. Rose through the ranks at the world’s top consulting firm for six years. All good, right?

Here’s the thing. When God needs you to learn something that you’re slow to learn on the peaks, he’ll bring you through some valleys. That’s what happened to me. Setback after setback hammered home the lesson that our accomplishments are garbage apart from dependence on God.

For me, that dependence led me toward a call to ministry. I enrolled in seminary. I’m now a pastor who can tell the story of how God transformed my heart’s desire from me chasing perfection to God changing people.

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Along the way, I developed a passion for helping believers serve Jesus on social media. That’s grown into what you see here…and I hope it helps you and your team in some lasting, meaningful way.

Thanks so much for joining the conversation.

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– Derik